Stoners please help against spam on Joss's Facebook page

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Stoners please help against spam on Joss's Facebook page

Post  Moderator on Wed Jan 04, 2012 5:41 am

Recently spammers have been taking over Joss Stone's official Facebook page with pornography posts and videos. We are doing our best to report the videos daily as we don't want the videos left there as it creates a bad impression so we need your help.

If anyone sees any pornography posts on Joss's wall please click the X on the top right of the post to Report or mark as spam

It will then say:

Thanks for your help
Thanks for your feedback. You can Undo this action or Report it as abusive.

Click on report

It will then ask you to click the appropriate button. Click on Sexually explicit content

Click Continue and Facebook will do the rest.
We do our best to monitor Joss's page but if you do see pornography on Joss's wall then you can follow this process and it WILL improve and the spammers will move on.

We want Joss's page to be about the music and for the fans only, so we appreciate your help Smile


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