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After a more chilled January writing new material in a farm house in Somerset we have had a chance to reflect on last year, farewell 2011! You were a full and extraordinary year. 2012, you have a lot to live up to my friend! Recording an album in Wales by a river. Can-caning outside the Moulin Rouge in Paris. Releasing our very first single. Playing beautiful festivals across the UK. Being scalded by Parisians for mixing Champagne with Redbull.
Lock-ins’, bouncing floors, smiling crowds and rainy drives home. Not knowing where you are or what day it is and sleeping in Travelodge’s with bloodstained shower curtains, drunken receptionists and Condoms on the stairs. The worst hangovers imaginable and days spent roaming penniless in strange towns. Then another gig and finally you’re home in Bristol. But it’s getting light and the birds are singing and you know it’s all going to happen again in another 24 hours!
Oh it’s all such fun, but there definitely comes a time to settle back down, sit in a room with a fire and reflect on the 365 days that just hurtled past you at a million miles a minute leaving your head spinning. This last year put lines on all of our faces and notches in our minds in many ways and I’m not just talking about Yes Sir Boss. Whilst we’ve gigged it seems the world around us has been busy changing. I don’t think that we’re alone when I say that 2011 was a calamitous year. Riots and uprisings and all, it seems we all went a little mad for a moment there, for good or for worse. But I hope that this year may have changed human hearts for the better and I think a huge amount of good can come from 2012. I hope that we can help it along in our own tiny way by writing a soundtrack to the events of the coming year. We’ll certainly try.

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