Mick Jagger’s SuperHeavy Supergroup Debut Next Week

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Mick Jagger’s SuperHeavy Supergroup Debut Next Week

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 04, 2011 6:45 am

The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger is rolling out his supergroup SuperHeavy next week. The project also includes U.K. guitarist/producer Dave Stewart, Damian Marley (son of Bob), Joss Stone and A.R. Rahman. Jagger sings and plays guitar and harmonica on the album, which is now completed.

The self-titled SuperHeavy album will be released in September, but a taster single, “Miracle Worker,” will debut the week of July 4.

Stewart describes SuperHeavy, in a statement, as “a mad alchemist type experiment.” Jagger says, “We haven’t planned to do a tour or anything, but if people really like it maybe we will. We’d love to get out and play some of it live. As soon as we started playing together in the studio it gelled, and all these different styles didn’t seem to be a problem to make them fit together... I hope people will like it.”

Songs on the SuperHeavy album include “One Day One Night,” “Energy,” “Unbelievable,” “SuperHeavy,” “I Can’t Take it No More,” “You’re Never Gonna Change” and “I Don’t Mind.”


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