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Post  edygee on Fri Sep 16, 2011 6:40 am

original article:

Mick Jagger "Superheavy"
«Music outside the cages»

Partial translation ...:

This is a game for you ...

"No, it's serious, but fun. See, there's nothing to lose, this isn't a project
for life. It's not the end of the world if it doesn't work. I don't know how
long it will last, that depends on how people accept it. I won't be upset if
they don't like it. But I had fun doing new things, like singing in Sanskrit, or
trying to imitate Marley in doing "toasting". My favorite piece is "I Don't
Mind", a very sweet song and very English in mood, despite the reggae rhythm.
It's like "As Tears Go By".

The stated purpose of SuperHeavy is to go beyond the known genres. Could you explain?

"It's good that people start thinking outside of categories. Music has always
been categorized into what I call "cages for birds," not a new problem to be
honest. I-tunes is a great deal of cages... Here's an example. You get an email
from the Grammy organization: If you want your record to be eligible, complete
this document within the next week, checking the genre box of the album. The
thing with the Grammys is that they expect you to indicate the category they
want or you're out."

Do you listen to a lot of music?

"Yes, what's out there. There are times I'll listen to more "easy" things and
other times I'll throw on classical music. Then I'll go to hard rock, then I'll
want to know everything about new releases, and I'll dive back into great blues
rock. "

Why haven't you written an autobiography? After the great success of Richards it's your turn...

"Well, I think it's self-destructive to stir up the past. I consider it
dangerous for your psyche, especially if it was a difficult past. In short, if
you had a hard life, looking back on it is destabilizing. Or you could think 'Oh
well, I had an easy life...' "

Did you like Keith's?

"I haven't read it! Have you? Did you like it? I don't know...I think it's a
dramatic thing to relive."

There are hopes for a fiftieth anniversary tour with the band?

"That's a topic I don't want to discuss."

If the album's a great success will there be a tour?

"Oh no! I can imagine individual performances, festivals. Each of us is very busy."

After 50 years with the Rolling Stones has the SuperHeavy project made you feel younger?

"No! (Laughs). It's a fun project, but not a band for the rest of my life."

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