Mick Jagger: Joss never stops singing

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Mick Jagger: Joss never stops singing

Post  Admin on Sat Sep 17, 2011 7:41 am

Sir Mick Jagger 'tried not to be annoyed' with Joss Stone when she insisted on singing everything for three weeks.

The Rolling Stones legend has formed new group SuperHeavy with Dave Stewart, Joss Stone, Damian Marley and A.R. Rahman.

Mick loved working with the eclectic mix of musicians, but has joked that British songstress Joss tried his patience at times.

' was sat with her for three weeks, and she sings everything. She will sing the whole time, even when we weren't playing, she'd sing, trying to make up things ' melody lines and stuff,' he explained.

' tried not to be annoyed. When she sang, 'I want to go to the bathroom', I said, 'Joss, give it a break, dear!''

Mick was surprised with how well the group came together as he'd been concerned their different backgrounds would prove problematic.

The singer says the 'jam' sessions were a brave decision.

'Dave phoned me up and said he wanted to make a different kind of record. He said, 'You won't have to sing everything, because they'll be a lot of other singers' and I said, 'Well Dave, what is it going to be?'' he explained.

'We didn't really know until we got into the studio. I said, 'This is a very dangerous way to go about this because you might come up with absolutely nothing.' We just went in there and started to jam. Before we knew it we had 20 things.'


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