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Statement from Yes Sir Boss

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Well well well! We are exactly half way through the ‘Never Know’ Tour and it’s going…well. Really well in fact. None of us can remember a consecutively brilliant string of gigs as long as this. The atmosphere has just magically been there night after night. From nearly bringing the house down in Totnes (quite literally) to crowd surfing school kids in Eastbourne to whole hordes singing the words in Bath and playing dressed as dead Mexicans in London. Each and every gig has had it’s own magic.
For us this tour means more then any other we’ve done in the past. This time it’s full time, it’s full on, it’s real and it’s working. We are realizing more and more that after all the love and years we’ve given to this band people are becoming true Bossers and in the most un-expected ways. This weekend we met a band who covered one of our songs! People are singing the whole set back to us in venues we’ve never been! It’s an extremely rewarding feeling so thank you to all of you who have attended this tour.
On a slightly crap note our dear Sax player Jehan got her hand trapped in the van door after our gig on Saturday (it’s a big door so OUCH) and we were forced to cancel a show In Edinburgh. Apologies to all those who were planning on attending and a big thanks to all of you who left very kind messages for her on facebook. Obviously she can’t reply ‘cos her hands smashed in but I assure you she appreciates it.
So anyway, on with the shows. Again, and I can’t stress this enough, thank you so much to all of you for supporting us throughout this tour. You really are making this an experience of a lifetime. See you in the future Bossers!

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